December 2015

“Hello, World!”

The simple program that started it all, teaching a computer how to do stuff for you. When one goes deep into teaching, you realise how dumb a computer is and how easier it is to teach a human rather than a computer. To be a good teacher to a computer, you got to get a lot of training and that’s what December 2015 is gonna be about.

December 2015 is all about learning, so here are the things I planned out for,


To start it up, a list of courses I plan to do. (I fully understand that all the courses can’t be done, but I’ll try to do my best)

Java Programming

Programming and the Web for Beginners
Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software
Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data
Java Programming: Principles of Software Design

Java Object Oriented

Object-Oriented Programming in Java
Data structures: Measuring and Optimizing Performance
Advanced Data Structures in Java
Mastering the Software Engineering Interview

Machine Learning

All the mentioned courses are available on coursera. There are a few additional courses too which I would like to do, but those are for after I finish these, I am also not gonna do them for the certificate but just gonna audit them. I would also try to maintain notes for each course this time around.

2)Programming Languages

Plans to create a repo with the basic syntax for various programming languages, namely,

C, C++, CSS & HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Rust, Shell, C++, Java, Lisp, PHP, Ruby, Scheme

Learning at least one of the languages entirely is an impossible task in such a short span, I would just write the basic syntax till loops and a few specific and useful packages of each individual packages, which I assume won’t make much time.

3) Competitive Programming

This just has to be done! Being at best, a mediocre, in this is kinda disappointing given its been more than a year since I started this. So have to improve this by leaps and bounds. The main focus would be Codeforces and Topcoder with practise focus on SPOJ and InterviewBit.

The primary area which I would try to focus on would be DP and graphs.

This is by far the most important one on the list.


There are a lot more things to be done before the start of 2016, but a man is bound by the flow of time. This blog is mainly to maintain my progress through the busy December.
Hope I keep updating it biweekly or weekly or biweekly 😛