Bug Fix #1

This post is about how to submit bugs and fix them to improve the calendar.

I would like to speak about my very first bug fix which wouldn’t have been possible at all without the awesome GNOME community.

The bug link- https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=763160

It started out as a bug which was due to a simple vague extra click required before actually using the keyboard navigation key. It turned out the problem was a single like of code which was to be added in the property of the .ui file. More on the UI in later. But in short, just needed to add a property called “can_focus” to a window.

This bug was simple but more of introduction on how to submit patches.

To submit a patch:

First, checkout to a new branch using:

git checkout -b <name>

Fix the bug and add, commit by adding a proper commit message. All of which are regular git commands.
Next, the awesome “bz”. This basically submits your patch directly to the bugzilla page with a simple command:

git bz attach <bug number> <patch number>

After that, pat yourself on the back and wait for the moderators to check your code and commit it to the main branch.

Is all this fuss necessary? Maybe/maybe not, but when you get the awesome feel of “open sourcing”, which can’t possibly be explained in this and requires its own article to actually explain it, it’s totally worth it.

Hold tight for the next blog 😀

To do after this blog: Article about Calendar UI and Open-Source feel.