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19 years ago:

‘Everything is like a pattern, Axalia. A repeated score of music.’

The salsa wrap gripped loosely in his firm fingers had grown cold from the winds after an autumnal shower, and the city smelled of wet soil, leaves and a slow evening.

Someone had kept the radio on, far away from the place they were sitting – and it had a strange, old tune playing that he couldn’t really place anywhere in his mind. But it was familiar, he had heard it before. On a day just like this one – after a long, monotonous rain.

Axalia’s clothes still clung to her body, making her look skinnier than she was. His own hair was damp, but there was a strange warmth exploding from his insides.

If only it had rained on and on.

She is rain, if I am summer.

Gerard took another bite of the wrap…

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Google Summer of Code – 2016 (Part – 1)

Come April 23rd 00:30 and it was the time of GSoC selection results. It was a long wait, but the result was totally worth it.


It was quite a tense few minutes, with me searching the results by my name, I totally forgot my display name was “pandusonu”. But it was quite a moment of realization 😀 Even more awesome to know that 9 people from my college were selected to.

Now going from the results moment to the GSoC itself.

I got selected for my proposal to make week-view in gnome-calendar. GNOME is the best open source community I know of. No sooner than I got a mail from Google, I got a mail from GNOME to participate in community bonding. I’m not sure if any other organization does that.

That was followed by making pages and editing pages in where anybody can edit any page as long as they are in the trusted editors list. Such an amazing community :’)

My mentor is ‘feaneron’ who is amazing with more than 33k+ lines of code contribution to gnome-calendar. He also did GSoC ’15 working on gnome-nautilus, so he knows his way in GSoC just adding to my fotunes.

This has already become quite a post already, will continue with the next part of this blog. Will be updating about the progress in Community Bonding period in the next blog.
Watch out for links in he next blog 😉