The Begining

Hey all,

GSoC! GUADEC! Summer!! Everything’s done and almost wrapped up.
The best first intern ever 😀

It all started with a simple line
<property name="can_focus">True</property>

For those who have worked with Gtk, they will realize its a simple line in the xml file allowing focus on a widget. And it was then when I realized,

The friendship/relationship with the awesome community of GNOME begins.

What followed after 2 commits into the main branch, one application submission, and the result was the start of the most amazing few months. These months have been a humbling experience, the biggest learning experience, and the most productive time.

The small bursts of joys when you realize what you made will be used by millions of people. The banging of head for the smallest of errors. The delight on seeing it run without any errors. The steady growth of the product from ground zero. All of which were a delight to experience.

What has been done:

  • Clean the previously written code for week-view code, which used deprecated functions and code which wouldn’t comply with the current proposal.
  • Include of week-view into the main stack of the calendar.
  •  Separate the view into – grid and header.
  • Draw the header according to mock-ups
  • Display the events after sorting in the header
  • Expand/Collapse button addition in header
  • Draw the hours bar
  • Draw the grid.

What remains:

  • Display events in grid
  • Make the events clickable

Link of submission –

The week-view, frankly, in its current stage cannot be used in the actual product yet. There is a lot of testing to be done and code to be written. Still quite a way to go before it gets available to general users. Georges(feaneron), my mentor, the gnome sleep-deprived night worker, gave a predicted deadline of a merge to the main branch by December, and availability in the main product by 3.24 version of Calendar. For those who are waiting to use the week-view, wait till 3.24 🙂 Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience.

Thank you notes:

  • Georges, my mentor, without you nothing would’ve been possible. From ground zero to what I have learned by now, in the past few months, its all thanks to you. You’ve been the best mentor I can imagine. There is still tons of stuff I will be learning from you in the future. Sorry to bother you with so many doubts, and also sorry, that they won’t end anytime soon 😛
  • Lapo, the gnome-design team, thanks for the amazing mockups 😀 They were crisp and clear. Without those mockups, the week-view would’ve been a disaster.
  • GNOME community, this is one heck of a community. Everyone I’ve spoken to are very very friendly and have tons of more knowledge than I do which I would try to learn from them.
  • Fellow GSoC-ers, I thank you for keeping the ball rolling and keeping the environment enthralling with your projects. (I would also like to thank Renata for working on usability test on calendar during her project 🙂 )
  • GOOGLE, for giving the amazing opportunity they have given.


(Translation: The film ain’t finished yet, my friend)

For those of you who thought, with all the thank you notes, that this was the end and that it was an euology, please do read the title of the blog. This is just the beginning of the journey into GNOME. #GoCalendar

With the awesome feaneron and amazing Lapo, things that will be coming soon and are in discussion stages:

  • Day View
  • Recurring events
  • Jump to date
  • Mini Agenda View
  • Natural Language Prcocessing
  • And many more to come 😀

I will be a part of GNOME as long as I can, I’m interested in more than one of the above mentioned list, and super excited to get working on them 😀

Thanks again to everyone involved, but this is just the begining. I’m sure I would be requiring to thank them over and over again in the coming years 🙂 But as far as the begining-GSoC, is concerned




Days Grid

Hey all,

This is for the progress on the calendar. So far, you have seen a zoomed in version of the header of the calendar. So let’s zoom it out a bit.

*insert drum rolls*



Using the same test subjects, ta-da, this is the whole of the week view 🙂

Coming to the features of the, yet unfinished, days-grid.

  • It is a large scrollable window with a solid line after every hour and a dotted line between any two solid lines.
  • The time format can be switched between 12-hr and 24-hr format, it follows the system settings. A pic of the same:twelve
  • It would be used to show events that span for <24 hrs.

There is still a lot of working to be done on it, but this is the update so far 🙂

P.S.-I won’t be making it to GUADEC 😥 I would like to thank the travel committee for the generous sponsorship. Sorry for the trouble. I have emailed the same to the travel-committee.

Last two weeks, the final push starts for the week-view 🙂