Days Grid

Hey all,

This is for the progress on the calendar. So far, you have seen a zoomed in version of the header of the calendar. So let’s zoom it out a bit.

*insert drum rolls*



Using the same test subjects, ta-da, this is the whole of the week view 🙂

Coming to the features of the, yet unfinished, days-grid.

  • It is a large scrollable window with a solid line after every hour and a dotted line between any two solid lines.
  • The time format can be switched between 12-hr and 24-hr format, it follows the system settings. A pic of the same:twelve
  • It would be used to show events that span for <24 hrs.

There is still a lot of working to be done on it, but this is the update so far 🙂

P.S.-I won’t be making it to GUADEC 😥 I would like to thank the travel committee for the generous sponsorship. Sorry for the trouble. I have emailed the same to the travel-committee.

Last two weeks, the final push starts for the week-view 🙂


5 thoughts on “Days Grid

  1. ElectricPrism says:

    This is fantastic. I love the split vertical view to show events by time and events by list.

    Wow, the utility value of Gnome Calendar has really gone up a lot for me just by this update.


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