GNOME Calendar-||

To get started with GNOME calendar, first get jhbuild running. The Gnome website has a very good page on how to do that, and it should work fine šŸ™‚

After getting jhbuild, the command to build the calendar is

jhbuild build --nodeps gnome-calendar

The –nodeps is to ignore the system dependencies. I was getting error in “libsystemd-journal” In order to get around with that, I used –nodeps.

This will clone about 47 repositories and build each product. You can modify the files in the folder where they are cloned, which would be ~/checkout/gnome

To make changes and run, first open up the folder of the product,

subl ~/checkout/gnome/gnome-calendar

My default text editor is sublime, so I just opened up the folder in my editor.
That’s about it šŸ˜€ Now get started with fixing bugs. After making changes, just save the file and build only the calendar again, no need to build all the dependencies again. To build the product and run it, I use the following commands while moving into the gnome-calendar folder:

cd ~/checkout/gnome/gnome-calendar
jhbuild make
jhbuild run src/gnome-calendar

Now enjoy the glory of making changes in the product šŸ˜€
Next up: Fixing bugs and submitting patches šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “GNOME Calendar-||

  1. Hi! what distribution are you using? Im just curious to know, to understand why libsystemd-journal is not available. Is it one of the distributions we recommend in the newcomer section?


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